You’ll be prompted with next steps during the screening process.

work from home shipping jobs

Many online merchants will not ship purchases to places like Russia or certain Eastern European countries due to the high incidence of fraud. Certain roles do require a mandatory drug screen as a condition of employment. If you’ve received an offer for a role that requires a drug screen, you’ll be notified at the time of the offer. You’ll be prompted with next steps during the screening process.

As the first of your big fat paychecks is due to arrive, you will suddenly be locked out of that official-looking online dashboard. Once you send the first package, the stream of packages will increase. You may notice that the package is addressed uss express review to you, but has someone else’s name on it. They will tell you that’s the name of the person who ordered the gift so that you don’t ask any more questions. We are hiring for hundreds of open positions across more than 96 countries.

  • Anybody that wants to try to make a quick buck, they’ll find a way to scam you out of your money,” Friend explained.
  • For those of us who have family or other commitments, work-at-home opportunities can mean the difference between paying the rent and being out on the street.
  • Our reputation for exceptional customer service, operational excellence and creative problem solving is largely due to the commitment of our dedicated team members.
  • Well, this one goes beyond anything we’ve ever seen.
  • Consumers can file complaints via our secure online complaint form and we’ll share the complaint with our network of law enforcement and consumer protection partners.
  • Check on the business’s site or give them a call to confirm the position exists.

Members of our business development & marketing teams are opportunity seekers. They’re always looking toward the horizon, searching for new ways to climb higher and tell stories that resonate. “I checked my bank account and I had two charges that weren’t made by me,” said Arlene Smith, who lives in Guntersville. Smith has no idea how or when her debit card information was stolen. But her card was used to order some of the merchandise online that was shipped to Jane, only to be reshipped to a thief. If you’ve been approached to participate or have already participated in what you believe to be a reshipping scam, report it! Consumers can file complaints via our secure online complaint form and we’ll share the complaint with our network of law enforcement and consumer protection partners.

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This screen shot shows a delivery vehicle with a European tag.And then there’s the address, Dutch Neck Road in Middletown, Delaware. We checked that also, and borrowed an image from Google Street View to show you what’s really there.

Our initial victim didn’t want to be identified here, so for the sake of the story we’ll call her Jane. She had gone online to look for a job and found what seemed to be a perfect fit. The company, PackAnyWere, had a huge online presence and hired her as a logistics coordinator. Scammers often falsely use the names of real businesses. Check on the business’s site or give them a call to confirm the position exists.

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Please share this post with everyone you know who is looking for a work from home job. REMEMBER, they have hard evidence that YOU DID RECEIVE STOLEN GOODS. Every package was sent to your address, so you are the only person who is on their radar.

work from home shipping jobs

They’re great for breaking into at-home work, and you can snag a transcriptionist role even if you don’t have any past experience in the field. That does mean that pay starts out fairly low, but after you have some experience, it’s possible to make a full-time living from your own home.

“Integrity Express Logistics is an equal opportunity employer. I had uss express shipping some transcription jobs when I first started working from home.

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These schemes have resulted in a large increase in scams that involve reshipping goods purchased with stolen credit cards, the BBB says. Reshipping scams represent 65% of the scam job market, wherein scammers hire victims from job boards and pay them to receive and send packages that they’re never reimbursed for. Other common schemes involve providing victims with counterfeit checks, asking them to send money to third parties for equipment to perform the job that never arrives. In exchange, the consumer is promised a hefty salary, sometimes thousands of dollars for a month’s work.

Global Shipping & Logistics Services

An Insider study from last year found that 37% of respondents without a job wanted remote flexibility. For the last seven months of 2021, workers quit their jobs at near-record rates, totalling more than 38 million.

Luckily for her, the bank was paying attention. Never before had her account seen a deposit anywhere near that large, and they checked it out. Beware of companies offering work-at-home opportunities with titles like “shipping clerk,” “forwarding agent,” “receiving agent,” or similar titles. These are often a lure to get prospective consumers to contact the scammers.

While reshipment scams do not typically cost the defrauded consumer money directly, victims are harmed by the money they lose driving packages to post offices or shipping facilities. In addition, they can end up in legal jeopardy because by participating in the reshipment scam, they are trafficking stolen merchandise. I agreed and sent them a picture of me holding my license as requested.

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If you have knowledge about specialized subjects such as the law or health care, consider niche work like becoming a legal or medical transcriptionist. Technical requirements vary depending on the role but experience with computers is always helpful when you’re working remotely. You may also want to mention having familiarity with standard chat services, email programs, Microsoft Office, and experience with online shopping. Born in San Antonio, Texas, in 2010, Pressable offers managed WordPress hosting as part of the Automattic family of WordPress solutions. Though separate from Automattic, positions with Pressable offer similar benefits and the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

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