30 Top Companies In Chicago To Know 2022

Chicago companies

The platform also has a patents-pending digital twin that simulates what’s happening inside a property based on building data and variables like human actions, and even the weather, to feed actionable insights back to the building. Cohesion has already been deployed in 2.2 million-square-feet of Class A office space, with another 5 million contracted and expected to come this year. The company is also raising its first round of seed funding to scale its operations.

Chicago companies

Founded in 2018 by Kathrin Deutschle and Michael Anzola, emBorrow offers eligible users a simple, three-step process to secure fertility procedure financing. It also opens users to a community of people with experience navigating the rigors of fertility treatment and a network of fertility-focused doctors and nurses. The company — a member of 1871’s 10th WiSTEM cohort — currently operates in Illinois but is planning expansions to New York, Florida and Texas. Influential leaders in tech launched Chicago’s Plan for 2033, or P33, to enhance Uss Express the city’s viability as a global tech hub with a strong and diverse workforce through the next decade. Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot said on Chicago Tech Day that 15 local tech companies have added or will be adding 2,000 jobs. Uber announced it would be bringing that same number of jobs to Chicago over the next three years and spending more than $200 million annually on the city. Established on soggy land adjacent to Lake Michigan, the city underwent major architectural efforts to physically raise the urban area to its current height.

Built In Chicagos 50 Startups To Watch

Only employees essential to business operations are cautiously working in their corporate offices. The third-largest food and beverage company moved one of its headquarters from north suburban Northfield to downtown Chicago in 2016. Since March of this year, Kraft Heinz has asked employees to work from home, except for those who cannot perform their roles remotely. "I love Atomic’s commitment to our growth. We host educational events, Atoms are constantly sharing interesting tech articles—I’m always learning new things."

  • Where you spend your money matters, and Bossy Chicago’s platform serves as a directory for users to connect with local women- and non-binary-owned small businesses.
  • "Our company was founded on a napkin over dinner by our co-founders Peter and Prashant."
  • We aim to do this by building a new Operating System for Global trade – a strategic operating model for global freight forwarding that combines technology and analytics, logistics infrastructure, and hands-on supply chain expertise.
  • Tastytrade produces free on-line video content that viewers use to bootstrap and inform their investment strategies.
  • It runs on OneMarketData technology, which is also used by NASDAQ, Bloomberg and other trading networks.

At Morningstar, we believe in building great products in-house in a highly collaborative, agile environment where we focus on technical excellence, the user experience, and continuous improvement. Our technologists represent a range of skills and experience levels, but they all view their work as a craft and push technology’s boundaries. Built https://addicongroup.com/ In’s “Best Places to Work” list rates companies based on their employer benefits and employee submitted compensation data. CEO and company President Donnie Roberts started the company to give members of the public access to proprietary futures products that were once exclusive to institutional investors due to the large size of the futures.


"Did you know, as much as 90% of a shippers’ emissions are related to their global supply chain ? project44 is working to provide supply chain emissions calculation data to our customers at scale, so customers can offset and reduce emissions." And this is why we built the most complete and flexible sales enablement platform that marketing and sales rely on to prepare sellers, engage buyers, and optimize performance with insights. "Camelot Illinois is the place for builders. A rare opportunity for you to quickly make an impact and chart the course of a company in growth mode. A vibrant culture, great people and a downtown location are a bonus."

Chicago companies

Today, over 2,500 employees work out of the corporate headquarters and operation center in the Willis Tower. However, the pandemic is forcing the aviation company to cut management jobs, many employed at the Chicago headquarters. Yello is reinventing recruiting by replacing outdated practices with innovative solutions. Organizations from Fortune 500 companies use our technologies to modernize talent acquisition processes.

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Our mission, and our passion, is to help heal healthcare – driving solutions that will bend the cost curve. Our software is influencing one of the biggest socio-economic problems of our time for the better and positively impacting patients’ lives in the process. Braviant Holdings is a digital lending platform that combines breakthrough technology and cutting-edge machine learning to empower consumers with better credit solutions. This next-generation approach to lending is reducing credit barriers and creating a Path to Prime to help millions of underbanked consumers.

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The company plans to extend its service to parks, hotels, apartment complexes and other public areas in the future. But it isn’t just major initiatives and companies with household names that will be bringing continued success to Chicago tech. Smaller startups entering the city’s tech scene are shaping everything from mental health care to cryptocurrency trading to vehicle leasing. We found 50 such companies — all less than three years old — that are poised for growth in the coming year. McDonald’s kept the city on its toes over the last few years with their plans of moving back downtown. After 47 years in Oak Brook, the company finally decided to build a headquarters in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood on the former Harpo Studios campus. The office opened in 2018 with about 2,000 employees based there, plus the company’s flagship Hamburger University location.

The company produces more than a dozen apps that were built off research conducted by Northwestern University’s Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies. The apps combine live coaching from professionals with teachings that encourage patients to do guided work on their own. Actualize also provides physicians with visibility into how their patients are advancing, and the app’s data integrates with a patient’s electronic health records. Actualize plans to one day expand its offering to include behavioral recommendations that build upon mental health to improve overall health and wellness.

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Using market-leading RegulationAI, Ascent helps customers in financial services automate their compliance programs, significantly reducing their risk while saving time and money. And we’re doing it by using data, technology, and rapid innovation to create products and experiences that are fair, easy, personal, and affordable. Cat Digital is the digital and technology arm of Caterpillar Inc., responsible for bringing digital capabilities to our world-famous yellow iron. With over one million connected assets worldwide, our teams use data, technology, advanced analytics and AI capabilities to help our customers build a better world. The Wolverine companies comprise a number of diversified financial institutions specializing in proprietary trading, asset management, order execution services, and technology solutions. We are recognized as a market leader in derivatives valuation, trading, and value-added order execution across global equity, options, and futures markets. At Vouch, we’re fixing insurance and risk solutions for startups and founders with tailored insurance designed for technology startups.

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Clearstep wants people to stop googling their symptoms — and assuming the worst — every time they feel sick. The company’s AI-powered platform is designed to replace search engines and help people find the answers and care they need. Users describe their symptoms to a chatbot, which offers recommendations for over-the-counter medicines and assistance in price-checking and scheduling doctor’s visits. Clearstep has raised $400,000 in funding and was one of the inaugural members of the Minneapolis-based and Techstars-run UnitedHealthcare Accelerator. As Chicago’s biotech ecosystem continues to expand, promising life sciences companies keep sprouting across the city. Similar to other biotech hotspots like New York City and Boston, Chicago is home to life sciences innovators that span a variety of disciplines.

Bossy’s aim is to shift the purchasing power of its users toward businesses run by traditionally marginalized groups. The bootstrapped platform hosts more than 400 online and physical businesses across retail, food and beverage, fitness and more. BloXroute Labs works to scale the on-chain transaction capabilities of blockchains without changing their protocol. The company recently https://www.mapquest.com/us/illinois/uss-express-delivery-431152295 launched the first version of its blockchain distribution network, which uses techniques like internal caching, cut-through routing and optimized topology to propagate blocks and transactions more quickly. The bloXroute team has scaled from five to 20 people since early 2018 and is currently hiring additional staff to service the more than half-dozen blockchains on the platform.

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