Best smartphones in 2022: the top phones worth buying

Thankfully the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are a brilliant revamp which ticks a lot of boxes. Instead of clustering the cameras in a box on the back of the phone, Google has put them in thick black ridge which has the added benefit of giving your finger somewhere to sit as you hold the phone. These devices feel ultra-premium with a strengthened glass back, held together with a recycled aluminium frame. They’re very smooth in the hand, and I’d advise getting a case because that smoothness becomes slippery at times. Another thing to consider is that these days you don’t always need to pay top drawer prices for decent phones. A lot of the top manufacturers produce a ‘mid-tier’ version alongside their flagship release which is made a lot cheaper by stripping out some features, usually the unnecessary things like wireless charging or waterproofing.

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This may seem obvious, but some people still only rely on a swipe to unlock their smartphone. To keep your phone protected, you should set a strong password or PIN. Make sure the password or number isn’t related to you, such as your birth date. It starts at £349, but it will cost less up-front on a contract and is one of the best Android phones for teenagers who use their handset to watch TV shows and YouTube clips on.

Prior to working in TechRadar freelanced in tech, gaming and entertainment, and also spent many years working as a mixologist. Outside of TechRadar he works in film as a screenwriter, director and producer. The core part of this is that we just use the phone as our own one for a week or more. We slot our SIM card in, use the device for social media, entertainment, photography and other normal tasks. If you’re not particularly upset about those omissions then we can very easily recommend the S22 Plus as one of the best Android phones we’ve tested, especially if you’re familiar with previous Samsung phones.

The Pixel 6 Pro also handles noise smartly and delivers impressive dynamic range performance that rivals the iPhone 13 Pro. Unlike Samsung’s current flagship S21 range, the Note 20 Ultra 5G has expandable storage in the form of a micro SD slot. Being able to add another terrabyte of storage to the handset’s in-built 512GB of ROM could be useful if you’re going to be filming in memory-hogging 8K. The phone is Samsung’s largest non-folding handset and is powered by a 4,500aMh battery. This model also stays powered for longer, offering several more hours of video and audio playback. Curiously, the 6.8″ AMOLED 2 display has a lower resolution than its predecessor, which in turn means it has fewer pixels per inch. It does, however, support HDR 10+ where the S21 Ultra only supported HDR 10.

The triple sensor array on the back of the Z Fold 4 takes pictures that are on par with the Galaxy S22 Plus – something we couldn’t have said about the Z Fold 3. Our reviewer also found it was hard to tell the difference between daylight snaps shot with the Z Fold 4 and Samsung’s other high-end smartphone, the S22 Ultra. If it’s a foldable phone you want, the best one we’ve reviewed – by some margin – is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. It’s not a monumental upgrade over the outgoing model, but it features a number of smaller tweaks that make it the one to choose. We put the Realme GT 2 Pro next to the Pixel 6 for comparison, and the 6.7-inch screen here is sharper, smoother when scrolling, and brighter in sunny conditions. It’s not quite on the same level as the iPhone 13 Pro or S22 Ultra – but we wouldn’t expect that for this price.


The new design is also a bit of an eye-catcher and we were impressed with the OnePlus 10 Pro’s cameras in testing – particularly when it came to 10-bit colour and RAW+ capture. The only slight downside is the lack of an IP68 protection rating, but that’s about the only compromise. If you can look past this slight negative, then there’s no doubt that you’re getting an awful lot for your money. Samsung’s latest big-screened beauty has received a bit of a facelift this year, with a new Burgundy colour and a fancy new camera array. Internal upgrades to Samsung’s own Exynos 2200 processor makes this one of the most powerful smartphones we’ve ever tested, too. Likewise, the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s cameras continue to impress, with improved zoom images. As a general rule, the clock speed of a processor shows how fast the phone is and will give you a rough indication of how fluid the operating system feels, as well as how the phone copes with running apps and games.

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The glyphs reflect notifications and Google Assistant indicators, too. Last year’s Pixel 5a skipped the U.K., but we’re more fortunate with the Pixel 6a, which is more widely available. And that’s a good thing, too, as Google’s midrange phone continues to deliver superior camera performance for a low cost. If you’re after the best of Android, we recommend the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra instead.

Nokia C21 Plus: The best smartphone for £100

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The best compact phones on the market today include handsets from Google, Samsung, Apple and others. Buying a refurbished smartphone is a good way to save some money if you’re buying outright – as long as you know what you’re getting. These handsets are more affordable than buying new, but are graded based on how much cosmetic damage you will see. They may not have the original packaging or charger, and some may have been returned to the retailer or fixed after suffering from a minor fault. As you are reusing, it’s a more sustainable way of upgrading to a new phone. Its specs include a 720 x 1440 display, a basic octa-core Unisoc SC9863A chipset, 1GB of RAM, a 5MP main camera, a 5MP front-facing one, and a 3,000mAh battery.